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World Dating Company (WDC) is a European leader on dating services market. Their activity includes creating and handling services in the following categories: real dating, matchmaking, specialized services, social media&mobile, white label.
For eight years we have been successfully maintaining services which match people. Thanks to our work more than 6000 people have met their life partners, and many marriages already have children. 86 percent of our users are willing to recommend our products to their friends. The high satisfaction rates results in high monetization.
Internet Business - a Good Investment
People are ready to do a lot to find a good life partner. After all, love is our primary need. It is possible to meet this need in the internet. We handle services via which people are looking for love and are ready to pay for that. An experienced and professional staff provides them with a quality service.
A Success that Inspires
We know how to connect people. We also know how to connect mission with business. Because of that we have accomplished a tremendous success and we inspire other. We attended and provided multiple presentations on conferences such as iDate Conference, TMT Communities, Internet Standard, Allegro Group Meeting.