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World Dating Company is a Polish group of companies which 100% of shares are owned by Maciej „Magic” Koper. He is responsible for developing company strategy. He built a synergetic team, which successfully leads new Internet projects.

In 2009, inspired by the idea of social responsibility of business he has founded Przeznaczeni.pl Foundation which goals include creating a Christian friendly space in the Internet. In 2010 they have started Msze.pl a first Holy Mass search engine with geolocation of churches. It is also available as a popular mobile platform.

Maciej „Magic” Koper, 31
President of the Board

He traveled extensively during his high school and college years. His first professional experience gained in England, in the United States and in Scotland. His commitment and consistency earned him a nickname „Magic” among his foreign friends. Koper graduated from Warsaw University of Technology where he majored in Computer Science. He was the first one in the history of his department to graduate in four years instead of usual five. His next step was studying Marketing and Management, which he began at Warsaw University of Technology and continued at Stratchclyde University in Glasgow where he eventually earned his Master’s Degree in Engineering.

At the end of his studies he came up with an idea of creating a dating service for singles looking for valuable relationships - Przeznaczeni.pl. The service was received with a great interest, and turned into a very successful business.

To his professional success may testify the fact that the service he has created is the largest in its category in Europe. Five years later Maciej is still fascinated by new media and their possibilities.  He is constantly searching for new ways to simplify the communication among the Internet users.  There is one sure thing: if Google in dating is ever invented - Koper will be its creator.

Privately he is a fan of personal development. He was trained by world’s best specialists such as Jack Welch, Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler, John Eldredge, Mateusz Grzesiak, or Bartosz Skwarczek. He has read several hundred books on personal development.