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Imagine a city populated by several thousands of people, in which brightly smiling women stroll its streets. They feel beautiful and loved. See proud men of that city and listen to what they say to their children. And now imagine that there might have not been such a place. Yet it is because of our work that it exists and is growing.


The Hot Hearts of the Catholics

It all began in 2005. That was when Przeznaczeni.pl came to existence. Now it is formed by more than quarter of million users. Along with Przeznaczeni.pl we conducted a revolution in Polish Internet. We have shown that online dating may result in a beautiful love. Operating only in Poland we became the largest European community of Catholic singles.


Giuseppe meets Mary

As the site was growing there was more and more foreign users. From allover we heard voices like these: ’We don’t have it in our country’, or ’Is there such service in our language?’ Our response for that need was the service called Love4Catholic.com. Currently it is available in Polish, English, Spanish and Italian. During the next few months we want to become a global leader on this market niche.

Mirror, mirror on the web, tell me who I’m gonna get

The experienced gained while creating a dating site for many thousands people brought fruits in a form of a service which connects people based psychological tests called PrzeznaczeniPlus.pl. While creating it we had worked with eminent specialists in the fields of psychology and sociology who are members of the MENSA Society. The test’s algorithm was tested on couples who had met on the internet, therefore we are confident that it is a useful tool.

We are following market trends and we know what direction on-line dating is taking. That is why we have decided to prepared services for specific social groups. (ZakochanyRodzic.pl, Du┼╝aRandka.pl, MlodeSerca.pl, SportRandka.pl). In such a place every user will feel unique.

We are also preparing to launch projects related to Social Media&Mobile. More information will follow soon.


Tomorrow has already begun

This is only part of our story. World Dating Company it is most of all a joy of creating services overflowing with love. Our new way of dating is based on reaching the user at his place and delivering the best possible tools for communication. World Dating Company is simultaneously a company aspiring globally and aiming at high rate of investment return. Our history is being made right now. To be continued...