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Foundation Przeznaczeni.pl was created within a framework of social responsibility of business by the owners of World Dating Company.

The goal of the Foundation is to help everyone seeking the love of his/her life. The team working for the Foundation focuses on creating possibilities for meeting one another for people seeking the other half. It inspires people to be active in a realm of building human relationships. It also runs courses and workshops for people in love, those who are engaged as well as and married couples.

Creating an Internet space for Catholics is considered an equally important field. The Foundation tries to promote and create Internet tools which would enrich religious life as well as make it easier. It is also available to serve Catholic Church with its knowledge and advice in order to evangelize using the new technologies.

Major Projects:

Msze.pl – the first in the Internet search engine for Holy Masses with geolocation of churches in Poland. Available also as a mobile application.


Social Campaigns: Holy Masses offered in the intention of people seeking their husband of wife and Social Campaign "Fall in love. Amen".

If you would like to get involved in our actions or support us financially, please contact us at:
Our account number: 75 2490 0005 0000 4530 2953 2904

Our mailing address:
Fundacja Przeznaczeni.pl
ul. Banderii 4 lok. 182, 01-164 Warszawa
E-mail: Fundacja(at)Przeznaczeni.pl

Contact Information:
Fundacja Przeznaczeni.pl
Address: ul. RaszyƄska 32/44 lok 81, 02-026 Warszawa
Account number: 75 2490 0005 0000 4530 2953 2904
NIP: 701-020-48-02
Regon: 142068947
KRS: 0000271292