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World Dating Company is a European leader in creating dating services in the following categories: real dating, matchmaking, specialized services, social media&mobile, white label. The satisfaction of our users translates into high monetization and the increase of value of our company. The broad portfolio of products provides us with great development opportunities and revenue increase.

Our products

  the European leader in matching Catholics.

ultimately a global platform that connects Catholics. Service prepared in Polish, English, Spanish and Italian.

service with matching system based on scientific tests (matchmaking).

for single parents, as well as for those who are willing to tie up with someone who already has children.

directed to 40 plus age group.


for athletes and physically active people.


addressed to chubby, beautiful singles.

Online Polish market including dating industry (according market analysis in 2012):

Population - 38,415,284

Internet Users - 24,940,902 (penetration: 64,9%)

Facebook Users - 9,863,380 (penetration: 25,68%)
Online dating Users - 3,100,000 (penetration: 8,07%)

Poland is a country with a population close to 40 millions. It is situated in Central Europe, at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Culture. That is why Poles genuinely understand mentality of people from the West as well as from the East. The advantages of Poles are good knowledge of foreign languages, dilligence and creativity. 

Poland is a good place for investments. Low employment costs, well-qualified staff and 50% internet  penetration rate are features pointing at one thing: there is big money to be earned in Poland. Poles are proud of their high – quality education and a great knowledge of foreign languages. Among the most popular are English, German, Spanish and Russian. Poland is a good place for creation global competence center.

More information about Poland: http://www.paiz.gov.pl/why_poland.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, write at: