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Specialized services guarantee that the users will fell great as they use it for it is created to appreciate their unique traits. This satisfaction results in higher involvement, leading eventually to the user more willing to pay for the service. Such elite groups may also be addresses by relevant advertising related to specific events and marketing offers. Trends in contemporary media clearly prove that the demand for such services will grow.

ZakochanyRodzic.pl – for single parents, as well as for those who are willing to get involved with one already having children. This is much needed service! More and more people are raising their children alone. For a healthy development each child needs both parents. Finding a responsible partner is not easy. Our service offers help in such situation. There is more than two millions single parents in Poland.
MlodeSerca.pl – Dedicated to people of 45 - plus age group. Mature people have their own specific needs. They have already succeeded in their professional life, and now they are looking for a partner to be with through the senior years of their lives. This age group is gaining importance in the internet.  As the research indicates, in 2020 every fourth Pole will be at senior citizen age.
SportRandka.pl – They demand a lot from themselves and look for the same in others. People for whom sport and physical activity are as important as air. Thanks to this service it will be easier to find a person who leads an active lifestyle. Currently over 40% of Poles aged between 20-39 works out.
DużaRandka.pl – if you are tired of skinny silhouettes constantly promoted by media, and instead like rather rounded shapes you are at the right place. This is a place for attractively large people, who look divine without wearing S – Size. About 43% of people in Poland claims that there is never too much of the beloved body.